Why Samanvaya?

“Samanvaya” means coordination which leads to harmony and peaceful coexistence. The sense of equality, mutual respect, the philosophy of live and let live are the basis of achieving peace, well-being and settled order of the human world-are desperately wanted in the present context. Every action of ours mutates some legacy, such that new futures emerge out of it. Thus, we are responsible to legacies before us, and we are creators of legacies after us, irrespective of our intentions or conscious knowledge. In simple terms our acts become sources of inspiration of future actions, even beyond space-time limits. Therefore, we argue for responsible awareness of present actions because they have the potential for shaping the future (future of human, ethos, environment and business sustenance).

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations in becoming excellent in their activities being socially concerned, compassionate, generous, inclusive, ethical, and humane. Samanvaya programmes promote a deep understanding of one’s relationships with nature, fellow human beings, society, and a deep respect for all life to achieve sustainable development and world peace.

We aim to impart knowledge & experiences in order to develop excellent leaders/managers/individuals by providing practical insights on the concept of living together socially, environmentally and religiously besides equipping them with inclusive communication.