TRAXXAS and other sources provide training material on various aspects of RC driving and flying. Most are readily available on You Tube. Many are listed below with links.


Instruction page on How to Glue Tires - from ProLine

and Video from ProLine

Watch "How to Set Traxxas TQI Throttle to 50/50 or 70/30" on YouTube

If you know of other training materials relevant to our hobby of radio control flying and driving, please let me know so I can add them. 


RC Car Setup Guide.pdf

R/C Handbook by Scott Guyatt

About R/C Handbook This material first appeared as a printed booklet by Scott Guyatt of Heavy's Hobby Shop, Australia. It was written "to help local kids avoid all the pitfalls we didn't manage to" over eleven years of racing off-road buggies. It proved effective, so he decided to publish it on the web, calling it Oz-R/C Online, Building & Setting Up Your R/C Car. Associated came across the material and entered into an agreement with Scott to incorporate it into this site. Associated modified the pages of Scott's web site to update it with today's technology and to relate it directly to the concerns of Associated kit owners. With this e-Book, we’ve updated it a little more.

Have you ever wondered just how the pros always get their cars set up perfectly, choose the right tires, and have just the right motor in their car? Here's the answer: they've practiced and practiced and practiced. We've done that too  practiced and practiced and practiced. Over the last eleven years of racing R/C cars we've learned a thing or two about exactly how to go about setting up the car.

How to setup your RC suspension – Setup Guide.pdf

Understanding RC car suspension is extremely important. Never minded how camber, toe or shocks e!ect your vehicle handling ? Suspension tuning is one of the most important way to decrease your lap time. Maybe you’re fast, but with a good setup, you’ll be faster. Here’s few good tips to set up your vehicle.

Chassis Tuning 101.pdf

Chassis Tuning 101 Matt Murphy’s Dirt Oval Chassis Tuning Guide 


PREFACE Over the last 17 years of my life, I have raced Dirt Oval all over the United States, on foam tires and rubber, hard packed and loose dirt. I have learned a lot about chassis setup on many different track surfaces with many different types of cars. Much of what I have learned is from trial and error, and quite a bit I have learned from doing plain old research on race car chassis dynamics. My goal now is to take what I have learned, and share it with you, but I want to do so in the simplest, easiest to understand manner that I possibly can. I certainly do not know everything, and I am not always right, however I can say that it is rare that I work on a particular chassis setup, and do not find improvement with each adjustment. My theories are just that, and are intended only to help you better enjoy your RC race cars, no matter which make and model you choose. Some things I pay much more attention to than others when it comes to chassis setup, but please understand there is no right or wrong, there is simply what works best for YOU!