Members have indicated an interest in purchasing caps and shirts with our club logo. We encourage you to purchase one or more and proudly wear them around to Ranch.  Could be a nice way to promote the club!

The caps shown above are available now. Price is $15.00.  Contact Bill Christofferson. Cash or check made out to Robson Ranch RC Club.

Note: Logo gear orders have minimum amounts. As we receive enough orders from members, we will submit our order to the vendor. Price increases are expected after the first of the year.

NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, some colors may not be available. Vendor will suggest alternate colors but you get to accept or decline.

This does not apply to name badges. They can be ordered in quantity of one.


At the left is a PDF version of the Logo catalog. You can view it on-line or download it to view or print. Each item will have an item number that you use to order. Be careful to review sizes and colors as they may differ from item to item. Instructions for ordering are located on the last page of the catalog.

Logos on these items are the one shown on the top left of the catalog, not the round logo shown on the caps above. Logos will be silk-screened  (on tees) or embroidered (caps, hats).

Below are two versions of the order form. One is a PDF document you can download and fill out. The other is an Excel spreadsheet. You can download it and Excel will do your math.

Be sure to enter your Name in the space provided. Complete your order form and deliver or send it to the Club Treasurer at the address on the order form. Make check payable  to Robson Ranch RC Club.

Checks will be deposited at the time the order is placed. For this order that will be on or about Dec 15, 2021.

Logo Gear Order Form.pdf

PDF version of Order Form. Download, fill in your Name and the quantity, colors and sizes for each item selected. Fill in the Sub-total boxes by multiplying the price times the quantity. At the bottom add it all up for a final price.

EXCEL version of Order Form. Click to open, then select download. Open on your own computer , fill in the Name, quantity, size and color information. Excel will do the math.

Name Badges are available in black on gold.

Magnetic Name Badge available for $6.00. Use logo gear order form above.