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Special FUN Races! Team Racing!

Jerry Lundberg is hosting no-points Team Races in April

See schedule on Calendat above.

Team Race

On The Oval

 2-Driver Teams with an extra Pit Person

12 Minutes in Duration


Cars must pit in designated area between the 4- and 6-minute mark and either;

 1. Change Cars-this will require moving the transponder to the new car


 2. Change the battery and race the same car.

 You must do one or the other (whether you need a new battery or not)


At this time, you will also change drivers.

 The pit lane will be set out when the pit is open (a piece of 2x2)

 If you hit the 2x2 or another car in the pit, the team will lose a lap for each occurrence.


Sounds like it should be a lot of fun. Get your teams lined up.

If you have any further questions contact Jerry at 

Hello racers,

Summer racing starts in 1 week on Tuesday, May 9th at 8 am. 

We will have a work party on Monday, May 8th at 8 am to prepare the oval for racing.

The races will have the following format:

I look forward to a fun summer season.  See you on Monday, May 8th for the work party and racing on Tuesday, May 9th.

Darrin Ziegler, Summer Race Director