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Misc airplane parts and equipment 4/29/2023

CAP Donated Airplanes.pdf

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We received several airplanes and a lot of extra accessories (props, wheels, transmitters, etc.) from the CAP.  They have donated to us to do as we need.  I’ve gone through the Planes with help from Gary Hickman.  Our assessment is that these make good project planes and could make decent electric flyers.  Several have glow-gas engines with mufflers and will take some work to get the engines going, but all seem recoverable.  Gary has offered to help anyone who wants to try the glow-gas route.  There are also drawers of props from 8” to 15”, prop spinners, tote of wheels with rubber tires (some new in blister packs), several older Spektrum transmitters, irons for monokote covering. 

I want to offer these to the club members in exchange for donations that will go into the club general fund.  The attached pdf file has pictures and the particulars.

Proposed donations (pricing):

Airplanes:  $10

Props: $15 per drawer

Spinners: $2

Irons: $10

Wheels: $2 per pair

Transmitters: Make Offer, these are older and not programmable (single airplane bind).

If you interested, let me know:  Phone/text – 503-860-1211 or email at


Thanks for supporting our club,

Henry Morgan

Flight Director