New Smartphone App for Robson Ranch Radio Control Club

We have created a new smartphone app for club members. It’s purpose is to provide members with a portable, convenient way to check Flying, Racing and Club-related information, local weather, maintenance tips, the website and to communicate with each other.


This App works with iPhone and Android devices – cell phones, tablets (including iPad), and laptop and desktop computers.

Access is limited to members listed in the Club Directory, which is a listing of all members who are current with their dues.

The App works best if you are using a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet but will also work with cell data if your device is configured appropriately.


From this App you can:

Ø Look up a member and text, call or email without having the member in your contact list.

Ø Check the Club activities calendar.

Ø Read or post notices for the entire Club.

Ø Open a screen just for Flyers:

ü Read or post notices to Flyers

ü View Fun Fly information posted on website.

ü View Fun Fly competition results posted on website.

Ø Open a screen just for Racers:

ü Read or post notices to Racers.

ü View race results posted on website.

ü View select Traxxas Slash video tips.

Ø Check local weather on a near-by amateur weather station.

Ø Browse the Club website.

We can also deliver in-app messages to everyone with the app. The app has to be running for you to see these messages.

The app asks for no permissions from your smartphone. No in-app ads, either! And it is free!

To install on your device, scan this code with your device's camera. For desktop or laptop installation, click here.

For a detailed look at the app - check out the Documentation to the right....

App Docs.pdf

For a short video on how to install this app on your device, click here.

Even better - John Messenger's daughter prepared a short video on installing the app on iPhone (left) and Android (right).