The Club facility is located near the north end of Robson Blvd on the east side of the canal. The area is secured when no members are present.

Drone's Eye View of Facility onApr 7, 2023

The club facility  includes two airfields, two race tracks (Banked Oval and Road Track), shaded areas for flyers and drivers to work, shaded areas for spectators, a parking lot,  a golf-cart parking lot, a porta-potty and a cactus garden. Water is available on scheduled practice and race days.

Standing guard over the Robson Ranch Community to the south and the RC Club facility to the north, the infamous hilltop Sentinel Saguaro sees everything.

The flying fields and race tracks, along with the accompanying amenities (even a 'grassy' park and cactus garden!) were designed and constructed primarily with volunteer efforts from the members. The club appreciates the assistance received from Robson Communities, especially for heavy equipment use and water line installations,

2 Runways on our Airfield. Photo Sept 2021

Banked Oval and Road Tracks used for Off-Road racing. Photo Sept 2021

Our version of the "grassy knoll". Slideshow of our picnic area and cactus garden.

Pilots work area 3/8/2021.