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Located at Robson Ranch in Eloy, AZ, the Radio Control Club features two landing strips and two race tracks (a banked oval and a road track) for RC flying and racing enthusiasts.

Off-Road Racing is 1/10th scale off-road short-course trucks - the most common rig is a Traxxas Slash. All vehicles are electric-powered. We have two competitive seasons of racing as well as unlimited practice opportunities.

Aircraft include fixed-wing, glider, drone, and helicopter. Aircraft may be electric-powered or gas-powered. During Winter months we have monthly skills-based competitive flying.

Our web site is full of information and images about our club. Check out the Club and Gallery pages! Enjoy your visit!


There is a Group on NextDoor called Robson Ranch RC Club. Despite the name, there is no connection between our club and this Group on NextDoor.
Any information posted there that purports to be from the Robson Ranch RC Club is unauthorized.


** DEC 5 - poster with info about Dec 10 Fun Fly posted. Click on button below.

** Nov 19 - Fun Fly Results posted to web and app. Click here. Or Button below.

** Nov 16 - Congrats to Don Klose, Dave Moore, and Ed Brumfield for election to 2023 Board of Directors!

** Sep 22 - Winter Season Racing Schedule posted to Calendar. (Amended 10/14/2022)

** Sep 14 - Membership registration or renewal now availablle for 2023 (includes the rest of 2022) here.

** Aug 12 - New, easier, video instructions for installing the new Club App are now available on the App page.

** Apr 15 - Hobby Action has provided pricing for a 2 WD Slash truck based on our racing needs. Click here to see poster.

  • Track Records updated 9/15/2022 here.