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Sunday December 3rd 2023  -11am to 6pm- 

21 Chester dr. Rye, NY

The Holidays are coming up! 🎉 

The Greenhaven artists are thrilled to invite you to this special event!

Join us for a beautiful exhibition: oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, photographies and a debut Novel Reading.

Anik McGrory

Fleur Spolidor

Closing a chapter and opening a new one. ☝️

Moving from Amsterdam NL to New York US

New opportunities, new shows, new artists. 

PAST Events

New Event: Art in Corona time

Art Window on Weesperzijde 22 in Amsterdam Oost.

Every month a new artist will be invited to show some work in this window located on the beautiful Amstel River, next door to the café- restaurant Ysbreeker.

April 2021

Guest artist: Caroline Kos

Titel : Twins Twee

Techniek: Gemengde techniek: papier-maché, acryl en krijt op


Afmeting: 70 x 100 cm

Prijs: € 1200,--

Twins Twee gaat over onderlinge verbinding, een hecht geheel

vormen en samen één zijn.

Als dat lukt hebben we goud in handen en kunnen we onze

vleugels uitslaan.


Instagram caroline.kos


March 2021

Guest artist: Geneviève Chassé

"Tripura Sundari" photograph, 32cm x 32 cm

"Birds I" Black and white photograph, 28cm x 35,5cm 

"Birds II" Black and white photograph 28cm x 35,5 cm

Material: HD Archival Prints on Fine Art Paper

Price upon request.

March is Women’s history month, this is for this reason that photographer Geneviève Chassé decided to present this 3 specific photos. Comparing the calm and strength of women to the order and disorder of a flock of wild birds. In our society women are praised for their grace and contenance and admonished when showing any sign of rebellion. This year’s theme of international women’s day is “dare to challenge.” So let’s challenge preconceived ideas from another era and acknowledge that the energy created during a moment of disorder is a way to go forward. As the International Women's Day website says."A challenged world is an alert world”-


instagram: @genevievechasseportraits

facebook: @genevievechasseportraits

Contact the artist directly if you would like more information about her work or if you would like to purchase a photograph.

February 2021

Guest artist: Kyra Cramer

Titel: Imme und Ewig

Afmetingen: 61 x 84 cm

Materiaal: houten paneeldeuren, krijtgrond, eitempera, 22k bladgoud

Imme und Ewig: een icoon voor Bijen. Geschilderd in de traditie van het eeuwenoude ambacht van het iconenschilderen en een krachtig voorbeeld voor het eeuwige. Vervreemd van zijn daadwerkelijke verschijningsvorm zijn het abstracte boodschappers tussen hemel en aarde, wereldwijde overlevers en essentieel voor onze biodiversiteit

Imme und Ewig: an icon for the bees. Painted in the tradition of the age-old craft of icon painting and a powerful example for everlasting. Alienated from their actual appearance, they’re abstract messengers between heaven and earth, worldwide survivors and essential for our biodiversity.


instagram: @kyrinka

"Imme und Ewig" is not for sale but you can purchase other little icons on the artist's website.

"Imme und Ewig"

Titel: Ontleed (Decompose)

Afmetingen : 22 x 33,5 cm

Materiaal : cederhout , eitempera, 22k bladgoud

Prijs; Euro 480 

January 2021

Guest Artist: Philo Ouweleen

Tengu on Mount Kurama 2020

From the series 

Japanese mythology

Gouache on Fabriano 200 g watercolor paper

55x85cm | €750, - (framed €920)

Fall at Mount Kurama, close to Kyoto. Two tengu eggs are hatching near Sōjōbō (a very powerful tengu residing at Mount Kurama), symbolizing the ongoing cycle of life even in times of crisis. Sōjōbō is holding his fan with which he can create terrible storms. 

Soon seven tengu will be gathered amidst the falling autumn leaves on Mount Kurama. Seven is a lucky number in Japan.

I hope you enjoy the painting, for my hope is for it to bring a bit of color, imaginary power, playfulness and positivity to those that view it.

Tengu: This painting refers to tales and legends involving tengu and visual representations of tengu found in Japanese woodblock prints, combined with my own imagination. Tengu are one of the many legendary creatures found in Japanese culture, and are considered both yōkai (supernatural beings) or Shinto kami (gods). They have been depicted as birds, bird-like creatures and nowadays their most defining characteristic is a long red nose. For centuries there was a believe that tengu were disruptive creatures up to no good,  but their image has changed into one of protective, yet still somewhat dangerous, spirits dwelling in mountains and forests. 

Website: www.philoouweleen.com

Email: philo.o@online.nl

Instagram: @philoouweleen 

December 2020

Guest Artist: Ansje Visser

Photographer, writer, textile artist

Ansje Visser is showing 3 of her Fiber art pieces for our mini window show:

"Mindscape" 1, 2 and 3, punching, wool on satin, 40x30 cm

"In my textile art I like working with recycled textile. The works at Ride to Art are part of a series called ZachtAardig, touchable wool paintings."

To see more of Ansje Visser's work follow her on instagram 

@indewolkenmetansje or go to her website www.ansvisser.nl

November 2020

Guest Artist: Wichert van Engelen


Wichert  van Engelen is showing 3 of his bronze pieces:

"Ballerina" a symbol of the fall season. 

"Ceci n’est pas 1.5 meter" a little character making a point.

"Eternal Smile" your best fashion accessory!

To see more of his work follow Wichert on instagram @frozensteel.nl or go to his website frozensteel.nl


ART SHOW, August 1st to 31st, 2020 

all around Amsterdam East.

Ride to Art is a free plein air exhibition of  original art posters created by  15 artists of the neighborhood to support and entertain the residents of Amsterdam Oost and make the whole neighborhood more colorful in a moment of  physical distancing.

Sponsored by Fonds Voor Oost

With the Support of See you @ Art and KunstRUIM

you can see more on instagram @ridetoart or FB Ride to art Amsterdam Oost

The artwork will be on display in the window of different businesses in the East like cafes, bakeries, restaurants or stores. 

The public is invited to ride their bikes around the neighborhood to find the different artwork , with the help of a map on a website showing the location of each art piece and giving a little explanation about the art on display and the artists who created them. Ride to Art offers a new presentation of art viewing by taking advantage of the city’s bicycle culture, with the idea to support businesses in a time of crisis.

Map with location of the artwork 

Participating Artists:

Sponsored by 

Fonds Voor Oost

With the Support of


With the Support of See you @ Art


go to FAQ or Contact  ridetoart@gmail.com to get more information on the project