Federico Campanale

"The Treachery of Friendship"

A1 Poster


Original artwork

Acrylic on Canvas


3,500 €

on Display at: Athenaeum Bookstore, Roetersstraat 41, 1018 WB Amsterdam


In a time where our virtual social life is increasing exponentially, I thought it was important to make a statement about the true essence of friendship. A concept that Facebook has appropriated and monetized without any scruples, impoverishing this very human need. The choice for a direct inspiration from Magritte’s famous painting echoes my critical view about the role and reliance on social media in our lives.

Federico Campanale (1973, France) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam (NL) where he graduated at the Art academy in 2001. Combining the arts with his previous training in social geography, Federico interrogates (or explores) notions of identity and how they relate to space. His works question our relation to the “other”, and to the “difference”, and challenge the way we perceive our surroundings and the “human-situation” reciprocal influence. Campanale has made video art pieces that stimulate the viewer’s most intimate emotions; documentary films that give a voice to marginal or media-silenced groups; and in the recent years, he’s focused on photographing the multi-dimensionality of spaces, seeking a new way to render space and time (and eventually emotional affinity) within a 2D medium. Technically, Campanale often uses time-manipulation techniques to evoke impressions and realms beyond the frame of the conventional time experience, producing renderings that surpass human sight-seeing skills, such as high-speed video and multiple exposure photography. His work has been exhibited worldwide in film festivals and art exhibitions.