Atlanta police background check

Atlanta police background check

The basics of a background check at first glance are relatively simple. A background check is a review of someone's arrest, civil, professional, educational, and frequently fiscal track record.

Many reasons exist for why a company or even individual needs to be considering background checks. Most notably is safety to the business or a spouse and children, customers, and its employees. Second of all will be to make certain that candidate has been honest in their disclosures and validate good character of the possible person.

Inside a perfect society everybody can have confidence in one another. The fact is that, this just isn't so. Deficiencies in background record checks, as well as improperly done assessments, can lead to potential criminal offense, injuries, or fiscal loss within the company or even a home.

The Atlanta Police Department offers criminal history, record restrictions and fingerprinting services. To obtain a criminal history check or fingerprinting visit our Identification Unit, Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

The Open Records Unit provides the requester with customized crime reports, officer information reports, 911 audio, bulk incident reports and other customized information requests. If you are seeking a single report please contact our Central Records Unit or in the case of an accident report visit

The Information Services Section consists of the following units:

Central Records Unit is the central repository of incident, traffic accident and related reports; transmits information on wanted persons, stolen items and crimes to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC); and reviews and classifies incident reports according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) standards.

Georgia criminal history records can usually be obtained from Sheriff's Office or Police Departments. Please contact a Georgia law enforcement agency about specific requirements for obtaining a copy of your Georgia criminal history record or go to the Georgia Felon Search website (

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