Albuquerque public schools background check

Albuquerque public schools background check

The essentials of an background check initially are relatively straightforward. A background check is really a analysis of someone's criminal arrest, municipal, professional, educational, and sometimes financial track record.

Many reasons exist why a business or even individual needs to be keen on background record checks. First of all is basic safety for the organization or a home, consumers, and its employees. Subsequently would be to be sure that the prospect is honest inside their disclosures and verify good personality of the prospective person.

Inside a perfect environment every person can rely on each other. Regrettably, this just is not the truth. Deficiencies in background checks, and even poorly done inspections, could lead to potential criminal offenses, injury, or financial loss within the small business or a home.

While encouraging parent participation, we must also consider the safety of every child in the district by requiring a background check from volunteers prior to any volunteer activity at any APS school.

Background checks for potential volunteers are based on database searches of criminal records, Departments of Correction records, sex offender registries, and driving records. Volunteers are authorized based on satisfactory background check results. APS background checks are valid for 2 years.

APS conducts background checks on all prospective district employees (applicants who are offered employment), district contractors, district contractor's employees, and volunteers who might have unsupervised access to students.

The background check may consist of prior employment verification, professional reference checks, education confirmation, a criminal background check, and/or driving record history. Prospective employees must disclose misdemeanors for the past five years, and felonies for the past 10 years. Three background check findings preclude employment at APS unconditionally: child abuse or neglect, drug trafficking, or criminal sexual penetration.

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