Alias on background check

Alias on background check

The fundamentals of a background check at first glance are seemingly straightforward. A record check is a review of someone's criminal, civil, business oriented, educational, and in some cases financial background.

Many reasons exist for why a company or even an individual ought to be keen on background checks. First of all is basic safety to the company or a home, clients, and its workers. Second of all is to ensure that the prospect may be sincere inside their disclosures also to validate good individuality of the possible prospect.

Inside a perfect environment everyone would be able to have confidence in each other. Regrettably, this just is not so. An absence of background record checks, or even poorly done assessments, could lead to potential criminal activity, injury, or financial loss within the enterprise or a household.

CertifiedBackground provides end users with the tools to make informed decisions, avoid costly litigation, and build a safe environment for their staff, through extensive research of criminal records. We access a network of researchers and databases across all court levels, as well as partnering with state agencies across the country.

National criminal background checks on all new hires for Staff (USPS), A&P, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Assistants and OPS Non -Students will be conducted at the time of hire. Formal background checks for OPS Undergraduate Students, volunteers, and employees hired via temporary staffing agencies are recommended, but not required.

Screening new hires is an important part of onboarding. Background checks are conducted to ensure the continuing safety of our workforce, constituencies and community members, and security of University resources. Background checks also provide a host of information on the candidate or to the candidate and help protect the reputation of the University and the people who represent it.

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