Arrested but not convicted background check

Arrested but not convicted background check

The basics of an background check initially are fairly straightforward. A record check can be described as report on someone's criminal record, municipal, professional, educational, and often monetary track record.

There are many reasons why a business or even individual should be interested in background checks. Most notably is safety to the business or a home, consumers, and its employees. Subsequently would be to be sure that the person is trustworthy inside their disclosures and authenticate good persona of the possibilities candidate.

Inside a perfect world everybody would be able to trust one another. Sadly, this simply is not the way it is. An absence of background record checks, or even badly completed checks, can lead to possible criminal offenses, injuries, or fiscal loss within the small business or a home.

The fact that an individual was arrested is not proof that he engaged in criminal conduct. Therefore, an individual's arrest record standing alone may not be used by an employer to take a negative employment action (e.g., not hiring, firing or suspending an applicant or employee). However, an arrest may trigger an inquiry into whether the conduct underlying the arrest justifies such action.

In one survey, a total of 92% of responding employers stated that they subjected all or some of their job candidates to criminal background checks.49 Employers have reported that their use of criminal history information is related to ongoing efforts to combat theft and fraud,50 as well as heightened concerns about workplace violence51 and potential liability for negligent hiring.52 Employers also cite federal laws as well as state and local laws53 as reasons for using criminal background checks.

The corrections population consists largely of men who have for many years exhibited a consistent pattern of criminal involvement, a lack of attachment to mainstream institutions of social integration and a multiplicity of interconnected problems. Among jail inmates

Criminal records have become readily available and inexpensive over the past twenty years. This makes them attractive as a screening tool for employers and other entities that hire or refer individuals for employment.

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