Alaska criminal background check

Alaska criminal background check

The fundamentals of an background check initially are seemingly straightforward. A background check is really a report on an individuals criminal record, municipal, business oriented, academic, and sometimes financial track record.

Many reasons exist why an enterprise as well as individual ought to be keen on background records searches. First and foremost is security for the organization or a family, customers, and its employees. Second of all would be to ensure that the prospect has been sincere inside their disclosures also to authenticate good persona of the possible individual.

Inside a ideal world everybody can rely on one another. Sad to say, this simply isn't the case. A lack of background record checks, and even poorly completed inspections, may lead to possible criminal activity, injuries, or monetary loss within the company or perhaps a home.

Alaska Statute AS 12.62.160 authorizes “Any Person” to receive Alaska criminal justice information. Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) further defines procedures to obtain this information. AS 12.62.160 also authorizes the dissemination of additional information to employers/licensing agencies for screening of applicants for positions responsible for the care of children and dependent adults (an "Interested Person").

When you appear in person at one of the below offices, you must present two pieces of identification, one of which must be valid picture identification issued by a government unit. (For example, your driver’s license or identification card, a passport or visa.)

You must have your fingerprints rolled or scanned by a trained technician. The technician must sign and date each card in the appropriate spaces on the fingerprint card. All personal information must be filled in on the card, including signature, residence, citizenship, sex, height, weight, race, eye color, date of birth, and place of birth.

Background checks are required on all individuals associated with the facilities as defined in the Criminal Background Check Regulations below.

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