High school Projects

Ayana Sakamoto-2022

Roosevelt High School

Spring 2022 Science Fair Project

Ayana's project for this year was on identifying the role of alternative ribosomes in biofilm formation in Bacillus subtilis. To explore this relationship, a crystal violet assay, motility plate cultures, and a proteomic analysis were performed with the help and guidance of Jayna. While it was hypothesized that the WT+TPEN condition would result in greater biofilm formation, it was found that WT+Zn had the greatest as found by the crystal violet assay. Due to contradicting data, it is difficult to make a conclusion on whether the presence of alternative ribosomes has an effect on biofilm formation in B. subtilis. This project qualified for the 2022 International Science and Engineering Fair and the Hawaii State Science Fair where it was awarded 1st Place Best of Category for Microbiology and the Queen’s Health System Award. At the Honolulu District Science Fair, it was awarded Best of Category for Microbiology, placed in the top 6, and won the Office of Naval Research – U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps Award.

Ayana Sakamoto-2021

Roosevelt High School

Spring 2021 Science Fair Project

Ayana's project was focused on identifying whether the presence of AltRPs in Bacillus subtilis had an effect on cell wall permeability and efflux. Electron microscopy (TEM and SEM), and accumulation and efflux assays were conducted by Jayna to monitor the transport of ethidium bromide across the cell membrane. 3 strains of B. subtilis were compared: WT + Zn (positive control), WT - Zn (wild-type) , and Δ - Zn (deletion mutant). While it was found that the presence or absence of AltRPs does not have a significant effect on cell wall permeability and efflux ability, AltRPs induce morphological changes in B. subtilis. Ayana's project was awarded 3rd place in Microbiology at the Hawaii State Science Fair.

Ayana Sakamoto-2020

Roosevelt High School

Spring 2020 Science Fair Project

Ayana's goal was to test whether or not Bacillus subtilis requires alternative ribosomal proteins to survive antibiotic stress. Jayna and Brandi helped her use Microplate Alamar Blue Assay (MABA) to compare antibiotic susceptibility of the wild type bacterium and a deletion mutant lacking alternative ribosomal proteins. Ayana's project qualified at the Honolulu District Science Fair for the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair in April 2020.

Alexandrea Wong

St. Andrew's Schools - The Priory

Fall 2019 Research Internship

Alexandrea learned from Jayna and Brandi how to grow Bacillus subtilis, stain bacteria, use microscope, and set up disc diffusion antibiotic tests. She presented about her research experience in front of her class mates, teachers, mentors, and parents in her school.

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