Ch 58. Navigation in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving

David Bevly and Scott Martin


Automobile and highway driving has become quite dangerous, with approximately 37 000 deaths annually in the United States and over one million worldwide. Driving is also tedious, with the average American spending nearly an hour in a car each day. Vehicle automation is seen as a potential solution for reducing driving fatalities and the monotony of driving.

This chapter begins with an extensive review of automated driving. Since this book is focused on navigation, the remainder of this chapter will detail potential methods and application of GNSS and other sensor measurements integrated into vehicle navigation for a variety of automated driving technologies. First, a list of the various GNSS measurements that provide useful information to vehicles will be described. This will be followed by an overview of the vehicle dynamics to provide some information about how onboard vehicle measurements can be used to potentially aid GNSS navigation systems and the limitations of such approaches. Finally, integration of GNSS measurements with other vehicle measurements to provide navigation information for various vehicle automation technologies will be provided through some example applications.