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Thank you for visiting our school Website.  I am Miss Jo Morgan and have the pleasure of being the Head Teacher for Peterhead Central.  We are based in the middle of Peterhead town and have the privilege of being close to local businesses and public spaces.  

We are a Primary school from Nursery through to P7 and have approx. 189 children  on our roll.  Our children and staff come from a number of different countries which give us the opportunity to be diverse and culturally aware. 

We are a close knit school who truly believe that love, security and understanding come first.  To ensure our children can access the curriculum effectively and be successful in their ambitions, we aim to create an ethos whereby love, compassion and kindness are the norm.  

We like to support our children in all areas of the curriculum and life and enjoy taking risks, being brave and being curious. 

I am extremely proud of our whole school community and I hope you find this website informative. 

Jo Morgan 

Our Vision, Values and Aims 

Unlock your Potential at Central through Achievement, Acceptance & Ambition

At Central primary, we aim to:

1.  Create an environment where our children feel safe, secure, included and loved.  It should support wellbeing, trying new things and building relationships.

2.  Create a stimulation and balanced curriculum which motivates and supports children to achieve their full potential.

3.  To support our children to become confident, respectful, responsible and resilient individuals.

4.  To work in support of outside agencies, the local community and families to ensure we are meeting our learners needs and getting it right for every child.

5.   To give all our children the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their independence, curiosity and bravery.

Click the image and follow the link to learn all about Getting it right for every child also known as GIRFEC.

Getting It Right For Every Child

GIRFEC is a commitment to provide all children, young people and their families with the right support at the right time. This is so that every child and young person in Scotland can reach their full potential. 

Peterhead Central School Handbook 2023-2024.docx

Please find our handbook for the year 2023/2024

Correct at time of publish August 2023 

SQUIP Updated 2023-2024 New Format.docx

School Improvement Planning 

Please find out SQIP for 2023/2024.  It is a working document and it continually evolves.  

Please note we are currently updating this and we expect it to be online before the 10th November.