Per Volar Sunata:

Born to Soar

An Unofficial Guide for Newcomers to the SCA

Welcome! We are so glad you're here!

This site is meant to be a place where Newcomers in the Society for Creative Anachronism can find basic information that can help them become comfortable in their new SCAdian skin. The information here has been accumulated from a variety of locations, which are all cited and linked where applicable. This site in no way has everything you can know about the SCA or its amazing people, but it's a good place to start. We hope you find helpful information here and welcome to your Anachronistic life.

Please note: since the creator of this site resides within the Kingdom of Meridies, there will be certain things on this site that are special to the Meridian Kingdom. Know that Newcomers from other kingdoms can still use this guide to get general information about the SCA, but it is encouraged that Newcomers from other kingdoms reach out to their local Chatelaine to find the best Guides for their particular kingdom.