March Meeting

Betty Kronbuegel with the shell craft item that she brought to the March meeting.

Betty Kronbuegel with the shell craft item that she brought to the March meeting for "Show & Tell."

Clive Cook shows the large turban he got at the Silent Auction

May Field Trip

Brenda Russell was one of 13 club members to go on the field trip to the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston.

June Meeting

Paul Stephens told about how he finds various terrestrial snail species when his work takes him into the forest.

Marici Reid talked about the variety of snails that can be found in Oregon's rivers.

Scooter and Jonathan Reid open and close the Shell Club Meetings by sounding the shell horns.

48th Annual Shell Show

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

July 1 - 13

Bart & Valerie Moore's exhibit showed a variety of artistic creations made with shells.

Brenda Russell's mermaid exhibit was delightful

President and Shell Show Chairman John Mellott did this non-competitive exhibit about our club.

Another of John Mellott's non-competitive exhibits featured fossils

Jonathan Reid won the Best Junior Division Exhibit Award

Jonathan's mother Marici Reid won the duPont trophy for the best exhibit in the show.

Jonathan's exhibit was about land snails.

Visitors, such as Tom Noakes, took out time to study Marici Reid’s exhibit titled 'Marginellidae'

Ken & Joyce Matthys' exhibit "Shell Collecting in the Pacific Northwest" won the Conchologists of America Award and the Thomas Hale Award.

Nefertiti with an elegant shell necklace and headpiece was created by Donna Saffir.

Two more exhibits by John Mellott featured "Sea Stars" and worldwide "Treasures from the Sea."

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry visitors enjoyed the many exhibits created by our club members.

Sometimes it took a conference to decide which shells to buy.