Shell Show

47th Annual Shell Show

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

May 2012

Conchologists of America Award Winner Judy Barrick

Valerie and Bart Moore

The Jean McCluskey & duPont Trophies Winners

This is one of the many shell exhibits created by club members.

Ann Bose - Shells in Art

The Use of Shells in Art - Donna Saffir

Worldwide Shell Exhibit by Ann Bose

A Treasure of Seashells by

Betty Kronbuegel

"Color in Shells" by Shannon Hann

John Johnson's Land Snail Exhibit

Junior Member Johnathan Reid's Cowrie Exhibit

"The Outer Limits" - John Johnson's Near Record Sized Shells

Cone Shell Exhibit by Marici Reid

Worldwide Shells by Brenda Russell

Junior Member Scotter Reid's Bivalve Exhibit

"A Study in White" by Betty Kronbuegel

Brad Barrick's Worldwide Cowrie Exhibit

Shannon Hann was one of the many club members who helped with shell sales during the show.

Some of the hundreds of shells that we offered for sale during the show.

Let the day begin! We are ready for OMSI to open.