Club Activities

Educational Programs

Educational programs are presented at all shell club meetings, except for when special events are planned. Both club members and special guests give these programs. The program content is related to shells and shell-related activities.

Field Trips

Occasionally the club plans field trips for its monthly meeting. Field trips have included fossil expeditions and shell collecting trips to the Oregon Coast during summer minus tides. The club has also visited the Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport to hear Chris Langdon, Ph.D., speak on programs related to the plight of abalone and oysters in our coastal waters.

Collecting Trips

As a club member you have the opportunity to travel with other shell collectors to places outside the United States. In recent years, club members have gone on shell collecting trips to Hawaii, the Philippines, Bahia de Kino, Mexico, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Fiji and other exotic places. When they return they share their videos and experiences with us. Club member Mark Reekie led shell enthusiasts on shell collecting trips to the Philippine Islands. As a club member you have the opportunity to travel with other shell collectors to places outside the United States.

Annual Picnic

A potluck club picnic is held in July or August. The club provides the main entrée and beverages. The picnic is usually held at the home of one of the club members. See the club photo album for pictures of the 2012 Annual Picnic.

Holiday Party

We have a holiday party with a fabulous potluck and a fun gift exchange at our December meeting. Items for the gift exchange typically are shell-related but there is usually at least one white elephant gift that gets passed on from year to year.

Annual Shell Show

For 48 years, the Oregon Society of Conchologists held its Annual Shell Show at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The show had been the major fund raiser for the club for all those years.

In 2005, The Oregon Society of Conchologists celebrated its shell show's 40th anniversary at OMSI. A record attendance of over 10,000 people visited during the show.

In 2013, OMSI's format for temporary exhibits changed and the Shell Show had to find a new home.

In 2014, the club's show changed its format and became a major exhibit at the Oregon State Fair. Although the Club is not allowed to sell shells and shell related articles as it had in the past at OMSI, it is exciting to be able to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for shells with Fair attendees.

For photos of the annual Shell Show, visit our club photo album.

Buying, Selling, and Trading Opportunities

As a member of the Oregon Society of Conchologists, there are frequent opportunities to buy, sell and/or trade shells at club meetings and at the annual shell show. In addition, club members contact each other directly regarding shell acquisitions, as well as to share trade-secrets on the best shelling locations. Furthermore, since some Oregon Shell Club members participate in international shelling trips, shells collected world-wide are often traded amongst members.

Silent auctions are a big part of each meeting.

Outreach Programs

The Club creates exhibits for public places like this one that was displayed in the Dallas Public Library.

Some Club members volunteer to go to schools and libraries to introduce students to seashells and the animals that create the shells.

The Oregon State Fair

The Oregon State Fair gives young and old the opportunity to learn about shells.

Club President Marici Reid answers fairgoers' questions about shells during the 2015 fair.

Speaking to Service Groups

Some club members enjoy presenting programs.

Marici Reid spoke to the Monmouth Rotary Club this fall.