Club Activities

August Meeting - Woodburn La Quinta Inn

Co-President John Mellott explains the process for the silent auction and shell sales at the beginning of the meeting.

There was standing room only and the air conditioner wasn't working on this 96 degree Sunday.

Junior members Scooter and Jonathan Reid always seem to find a shell to add to their collection at the silent auction.

The snack break always provides popular and it members get a chance to visit with each other.

Many club members are interested in all species of sea creatures. During the "Show and Tell" segment of the meeting, George Greiner showed off the Alaska king crab that he and Eva recently purchased from fellow club member Will Ritter. It had been in Will's collection for over 30 years.

After the break club member Ray Wilson presented a program on the internal structures of bivalves' shells.

Ann Bose offered some of her shells for sale at the meeting. Club members are invited to bring shells to the meeting that they want to sell, trade or give away.