Information About Our Meetings

All meetings of the Oregon Society of Conchologists are open to the public. We welcome guests at all times! You don’t have to be a serious shell collector to visit us or become part of our group. All that is required is an interest in seashells. Most of us began as beachcombers, not knowing one shell from another. Few of us have any formal education in conchology. Instead, we've learned from each other. We enjoy sharing information and collecting experiences.If you have any questions about coming to our next meeting, feel free to contact us.

When Do We Meet?

The Oregon Society of Conchologists typically meets the first Saturday of each month (except January and September when we meet on the second Saturday). The meetings begin at approximately 2:00 p.m., and end around 4:00 p.m.

Where Do We Meet?

Most club members live in the Willamette Valley and the northwestern part of Oregon. For this reason, most meetings are held in club members’ homes in the Willamette Valley, or at the Woodburn Public Library in the Carnegie Room.

What Happens at Our Meetings?

At our meetings, we hold a short business meeting, followed by a potluck snack break. After the snack break, we have a guest speaker who presents a program that is related to the interests of the group. Previous program topics have included the use of shells by west coast Indians for jewelry and tools, shell collecting in Fiji, and shell collecting in Baja de Kino, Mexico.

Following the guest speaker, one of our club members then presents an additional short educational session.

Club meetings also give members and guests the opportunity to trade or sell shells and share shell-collecting experiences. Silent auctions are a part of each meeting. Youths are also invited to attend and join our club as youth members. (We have a special category for youth exhibits at our annual shell show!)