Below are some links I've found for summer programs for high school students in math and science. Best of luck!

  • Innovation Institute at NY Hall of Science (link)
  • STEM program at Cooper Union (link)
  • Computer science program at NYU (link)
  • NYU Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering (link)
  • Rockefeller Summer Science Research Program (link)
  • NYC Science & Engineering Fair (link)
  • AMNH Summer Research Mentoring Program (link)
  • Stony Brook Simons Summer Research Program (link)
  • Columbia University Science Honors Program (link)
  • Stevens Institute Pre-College Program (link)
  • STEM institute at CCNY (link)
  • Memorial Sloan Summer Student Program (link)
  • Summer Programs for High Schoolers at Columbia (link)
  • High School Initiative in Remote Sensing at CUNY (link)
  • Saltz internship at the AMNH (link)


  • NIH summer program (link)
  • International Summer School for Young Physicists (link)
  • Brandeis University Summer Program (link)
  • Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists at Boston College (link)
  • Research Science Institute for students at MIT (link)
  • Pre-College programs (most of these have tuition costs) (link)
  • Bucknell University Chemistry Camp (link)
  • Perry Outreach Program at Univ of DE (link)