Show the class an everyday consumer product. Teach us about ONE organic molecule found in it! It can be a food, a beverage, a cosmetic... just about anything!

From memory:

  • Draw the structure on the board.
  • Tell us about any interesting chemical or physical properties.
  • Tell us where the molecule is found (Natural? How is it isolated? Synthetic? How is it made?)
  • Teach us anything else you found interesting about the molecule. (Uses? Toxicity? History?)
  • Write out the IUPAC name of the molecule on the board (you do NOT need to memorize this).
  • Good sources: Google Books, wikipedia, textbook

Below is a tentative schedule for everyone's show-n-tell. Want to switch dates? No problem! Find someone to trade and let Dr. O'Malley know. Once you know what molecule you're presenting, sign up by adding it to the Google Sheet.

ORGO show-n-tell