PART 1 – Synthesis study (50 pts)

Choose a total synthesis to study by clicking the link HERE. Sign up using the Google Sheet below by June 3. Write out, by hand, a curved-arrow mechanism for FIVE DIFFERENT transformations of the synthesis. (Note that a “transformation” is written as one reaction arrow in the synthesis, but may involve multiple reactions and most likely many steps.)

For each transformation, you must include clear and accurate structures, correct arrow-pushing, and formal charges. This is due on the last day of class, June 17. You can upload your mechanisms to Jupiter.


50 points total

PART 2 – Present a mechanism (50 pts)

During the last days of class, you will be given a random mechanism to show to the class on the board (draw from a hat, no notes!). The transformation will be picked at random that day, drawn out for you, and it WILL be one we covered in class. You can choose a different mechanism, but it will cost you five points. This will happen during the last full week of class.

ORGO molecule study