PART 1 – Synthesis study (50 pts)

Choose a total synthesis to study by clicking the link HERE. Sign up using the Google Sheet below by May 29. Write out, by hand, a curved-arrow mechanism for FIVE DIFFERENT STEPS of the synthesis. (Note that a “step” is written as one transformation in the synthesis, but may involve multiple reactions.) For each step, you must include clear and accurate structures, correct arrow-pushing, and formal charges. This is due on the last day of class, June 11.

PART 2 – Present a mechanism (50 pts)

During the last days of class, you will be given a random mechanism to show to the class on the board (no notes!). The transformation will be picked at random that day, drawn out for you, and it WILL be one covered in class. You can choose a different mechanism, but it will cost you five points. Presentations will happen June 1, 4, 6, and 8.

ORGO molecule study