1. Present from MEMORY in TEN MINUTES.
  2. Tell us the NAME of the reaction.
  3. Include at least ONE FACT about the reaction's history.
  4. Show the overall TRANSFORMATION.
  5. Teach us the details of the MECHANISM of the reaction.
  6. Be an engaged audience member and ask questions during other presenter's talks.


  1. Relax. You know your topic better than anyone in the audience. Thus you’re smarter than them!
  2. Practice. Rehearse in an empty room, to no one. Get comfortable with your reaction and your words.
  3. This is an exercise in teaching and presenting. Be enthusiastic. Your energy will translate into the audience’s engagement.
  4. Bring snacks? This is not a requirement. But it’s never a bad idea to “butter up” your audience with treats while they listen! (You should coordinate with other presenters for this.

A comprehensive list of “named reactions” is easily found on the internet, such as the websites below. A short list is also below. You do NOT need to choose from this list. You may teach the class about ANY named reaction you find. Once you choose one, cross it off the master list in the classroom.

Here is a tentative schedule for our presentations. It is YOUR responsibility to sign up for a reaction that has not already been presented. Simply click the Google Sheet below and add a reaction name next to your name. Need to switch dates? Make sure its okay with the other person, and go ahead and make the change.

ORGO Named Reactions