SCALE - Social credit system



It has always been felt that if the youth of Privileged India could spend some time to contribute their knowledge and expertise for the Under Privileged India, it would help dilute the demarcation and make a big difference in the lives of the underprivileged sections of our society, Also if the Corporate world and Institutes step in, they would help the Governments overcome social problems much easily and faster.

Over the last decade, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has helped the Corporate world, create a Social Image for themselves, and their clients in a global economy. But despite giving their best at showcasing their CSR, only few of them have actually been able to motivate enough employees towards the same. On the other hand political intent and governance inefficiency, has kept youth away from participating in welfare programs meant for masses. People's representatives are now finding it difficult to lure voters through promises alone, and instead are forced to show results. But they do not get citizen participation, to do that and demonstrate.

Encouraging and motivating youth into Volunteerism for social good has happened, but retaining them for long, has always been a challenge. Volunteerism can be self-sustainable and long lasting, only if social good can get enough recognition and respect, and Youth, Institutes and Corporates see enough advantages, to get the same.

OASiS has developed an Advantage System of Social Credits, in collaboration with XLRI Jamshedpur and IIM Indore, and has piloted it for 10 years through a Volunteer Organisation called SWANS.

Similar to Carbon Credits and Environment Credits, Social Credits can be accumulated by individuals for lifetime, and organisations too. But unlike others, Social Credits CANNOT be traded, gifted or transferred. They can only be used for :

Getting preference for higher education;

Getting preference for Employment;

Converting into Social Security (Provident Fund);

Converting into Unemployment Allowance;

Converting into Interest reduction for Startup Loans;

Presenting their Social Contribution scientifically, to participate in Governance.

Institutes, Corporate Houses, Organisations and Groups can project their Social Credits by accumulating social credits of all Members in their organizations.

Please find below a Flowchart that explains the SCALE Model in detail:

Corporate Houses / Institutes / Governments willing to adopt this model can write to us. We will be happy to help them implement the model in its full glory.