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The only thing that drives today’s modern world is MONEY. Everyone young or old, men, women, transgender, rich or poor, seems to be running after money, and trying to grab the most of it by any means, hook or crook. In the race, people have lost emotions, relationships, friendships, concern for others, and to a great extent even themselves. From being a social animal, we have become selfish unsocial animals.

In a cut-throat competitive world, where children and youth are always taught how to have a competitive advantage over each other, social contribution is either forced upon, or taken up post retirement. Universities across the world groom students for the commercial side of the corporate world, teaching them various skills required for better placement and packages. Even Corporate houses conducting seminars in universities always portray only their commercial strategies and achievements.

Every industry and corporate house also has some social problems and issues with the community and environment, where it is located. But they never share those issues and problems with the Universities and/or their students. The students after recruitment in the corporate houses, try to perform well on all their commercial aspects, meeting all their targets and expectations, trying to grow fast in the hierarchy.

But when they reach decision making levels, they are suddenly confronted with the social and environmental issues of the Corporate houses. Having no learning or grooming on those aspects, and with a hook-or-crook profit oriented approach, they take whimsical decisions, that further worsen the social and environmental issues.

(As defined by Prakhar Bhartiya of Youth Alliance)

Isn’t it the responsibility of the Universities to groom and prepare students on all aspects, for serving the Corporate world and the society? The corporate world would welcome better and completely groomed students to serve them.

On the other hand University students get all theoretical knowledge and learning, but rarely get practical opportunities to test their learning on ground at work. Internships with corporate houses give them very limited exposure of a fraction of their work. After joining the corporate world, they are not allowed to experiment their knowledge, but to follow the ways and working of the organisation.

Addressing these problems and matching needs with resources, OASiS - A Social Innovations Lab has designed a model for Universities and institutes worldwide, that would help them groom their students better for the corporate world and society, and make them socially conscious and responsible. A graphical representation of the model is given below.

OASiS will guide the University in setting up the SIL and teach them OASiS’s approach to Problem Solving and Innovations.

Participating in SIL’s Projects will give the students an opportunity, to understand the social and environmental impact of various Industries, and community issues needing attention. This will equip them better for Industrial employment, and make them more sensitive towards the community and environment, so that they can become effective Managers. The SIL will also help the University give much more practical education to its students and live case studies to solve, thus making it a class room of classrooms.