Life School

Learning 21st century life skills in an experiential manner from everyday learning spaces

Today's education system enables children to excel brilliantly in academics and co-curricular activities like 'arts' and 'sports'. But, does a child who excels in school really become an ALL ROUNDER?

​Do all these academic, artistic and sports skills help a child grow into a self sufficient and responsible human being?

​Do these make her/him a sensitive and aware "citizen' who thinks critically and participates actively?

​Do these make her/him develop a good personality?- one who understands oneself and 'others' around him/her and hence interacts and engages with 'others' in the society accordingly?

​Aren't these skills important for a child to grow up in life?

​But where and how will a child learn these?


Where children learn to 'live' by 'living' and 'experiencing'...

An open learning space where children learn the skills and attitudes to bring out the





critical, and

happy beings in them.

​A space where children observe, experience, experiment, understand, learn, adopt, create, express and share...