Social Innovation LAB

Social Innovation Labs are spaces, that give an opportunity for people to design, test and implement solutions for their long standing social issues.

Social Innovation Labs can be formed at both the University level (for Urban Youth) and at Grassroots (for Rural Youth).

The Objectives are:

  • In Universities / Institutes: Know more......
    • To prepare students better for the Industry, its social and environmental issues.
    • To help them use their knowledge and skills on live projects, related to Industry, Community & Environment.
    • Open opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Businesses.
  • At Grassroots: Know more.......
    • To build confidence among rural youth, to find solutions for their problems without Govt. or outside support.
    • To help them design development projects in their region, that they can implement themselves.
    • Create opportunities for self employment in the projects.