In the race of development, India has grown leaps and bounds in the past two decades to announce its entry into the big league.  The open market economy that attracted huge investments into India has also been able to bring back the brains of India that drained to developed countries years back. Big Infrastructure projects have boosted the country’s self-sufficiency and given it a prominent place on the world economy map.

 But all this has come at the cost of upsetting millions of agriculture dependent livelihoods, lots of mishandled social problems and growing naxalism. In the money spinning gamble, both the Government representatives and the Infrastructure development companies have looked away from the woes of the affected and cared little to make alternate arrangements for them. The demarcation between a Privileged India and an Under Privileged India has become more prominent.

It has always been felt that if the youth of Privileged India could spend some time to contribute their knowledge and expertise for the Under Privileged India, it would help dilute the demarcation and make a big difference in the lives of the underprivileged sections of our society, Also if the Corporate and Institutions could be more socially inclined, it would help the Government to overcome social problems much easily.

But in a competitive market based economy, the youth of today have drifted away into a rat race to achieve the best both professionally and financially, with an inviting incentive of a materialistic living. So as an individual gets respect for his/her qualifications, designation, organisation, assets and economical status, his/her contribution (if any) towards society is ignored and often mocked at. The youth of today have thus lost the sensitivity towards humanity. This has led to degrading values, an uncaring and selfish society and no dignity of labour.

Encouraging and motivating the youth into Volunteerism for social good has become a challenge. If we wish to relive in a considerate and more humane society, it does not require any miracle showing but just requires a bit of soul searching. Volunteerism can be self-sustainable and long lasting, only if the social good can get enough recognition and the youth, institutions and companies see enough reasons to get the same.

A system of Social Credits has been conceived to overcome this situation. But unlike Carbon Credits and Environment Credits, Social Credits would not be cash incentive based, but advantage based, that would elevate an individual’s, institution’s and organisation’s social value and status in society. The Social Credit System encompasses a complimentary recognition mechanism by Institutions, Corporate, Business Houses, NGOs, the Government and the Political System for Social Credits accumulated by an individual / organisation.

The Calculator for SOCIAL CREDITS has been developed by XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM Indore based Performance Appraisal methods (360 degree) practiced in the Corporate world. 

A newly formed Volunteers Association in Bhopal ‘Social Welfare Association of Neo Socialite (SWANS)’ is implementing the Social Credit Mechanism for the volunteers in its network. These assessment parameters form the basis of Social Credits of an individual / institution / organisation under the Social Credit System. Starting from Bhopal, SWANS intends to set up a nationwide Network of SWANS (Volunteers), SWANS FLOCKS (Common Interest Groups), SWANS NESTS (Institutions and Corporate), SWANS GROVES (NGOs) and SWANS LAKES (City Chapters).

The objective is to create a common platform across the length and breadth of the country for people to join hands and weave back the torn social fabric of our nation. 

See the SWANS VIDEO here

Join the SWANS and fly with them, to help those who are not as fortunate as you are. Collect your Social Credits, let everyone see the humane good in you and become an inspiration for those who still hide behind a materialistic mask.

Form a SWANS LAKE in your city and make your institution/organisation a SWANS NEST. Let your institution, organisation, family and country feel proud of you and see how the Social Credits you accumulate builds up your value and status in society.