Inculcating Social Responsibility Among School Children

In view of the growing inclination among school children, towards doing social good, it was felt necessary, that they get the right direction, and are organized well, to bring in effective change among their schoolmates, families and the general public. SWANS also realized, that in order to bring long lasting and growing change, school children can play a very important role, in educating three generations, viz: their parents, their own generation and their younger generations.

SWANS PONDS in Schools were conceived, to sow the seeds of social responsibility among children, through education, practical exposure and awareness building. The following points describe the proposed structure of SWANS PONDS:

  • A SWANS POND will be a growing group of students, with social inclination in the school. Students of Std. 8th to 12th can become members of the Pond and will be selected through Interviews.
  • The Pond will be headed by Pond Leaders (a Boy and a Girl Cygnet), who can be the Ministers of the school.
  • Each Swans Pond will be mentored by a SWAN (member of SWANS).
  • The Pond Leaders and Mentor SWAN will liaise with SWANS for the Pond activities.
  • A SWANS POND will create POOLS of Common Interest, among Cygnets. 
  • Every Pool will be coordinated, by a Teacher of the School. 
  • The Coordinator Teacher and the Mentor SWAN will select the Pool Leaders (a Boy and a Girl) from the Pool Cygnets after interview.
  • One Cygnet can hold only one position in a SWANS POND.
  • SWANS will try to associate each Pool with a Government Department, Organization or Group, that will provide the expertise for the activity, and support the out-of-school activities, of the Pool.
  • The Pond Leaders and the Coordinator Teachers will liaise with the associated departments/organizations/groups for the Pool activities.
  • The SWANS Pond and its Pools will organize various activities during the year to create interest among all students of the school
  • Activities that could be undertaken by the SWANS POND / POOLS are:
    • Organizing social camps / surveys / trips to villages and slums.
    • Debate/poster/painting/write up/quiz etc. on social issues.
    • Regular social work with an underprivileged community.
    • Campaigns for collections and helping poor and needy.
    • Campaigns to spread awareness about environment issues, conservation, social issues, women empowerment, child labor, right to education, save paper etc.
    • Organizing talks with eminent people / professionals / social entrepreneurs / high achievers / SWANs on social issues.
  • Participation in these activities would not be limited to the Cygnets of the Pool only, but would be open to all the students of the school. Organizing the activities will be done by the Pool Cygnets.
  • Best performers of the above activities in the school, will be eligible for the Inter-school (Inter-SWANS Pond) activities and competitions. 
  • Best performing Cygnets in the Pools will go on field study visits along with children of same Pool of other SWANS Ponds.
  • Every Pool in a SWANS Pond will receive FEATHERS (credit points), for the activities conducted by it, during the year. 
  • The total of Feathers of all Pools in the SWANS Pond will be the FEATHERS of the SWANS POND and the School.
  • The Mentor Swan along with the Coordinator Teacher will assess the performance of the Pool leaders in the previous year and select the POND Leaders (a boy and a girl) among them.
  • The Mentor SWANS will hold a meeting at the end of every Quarter with the SWANS POND Leaders, the Coordinator Teachers and their Pool Leaders to plan various activities.  Such activities can be spread over the timetable of the school for the next quarter.
  • The Pond Leaders, Coordinator Teachers, Pool Leaders, and Mentor SWAN will select the best Cygnets (boy and girl) from every Pool.
  • The best Cygnets will get to volunteer at SWANS Events as well.
  • Once a year, SWANS will host a grand event for all the SWANS PONDS, give Feathers to all Ponds, and honor the best SWANS POND, best CYGNETS (boy and girl) of every SWANS Pond, and the Winners of various inter-SWANS-Pond competitions.
  • The SWANS Ponds will distribute certificates, to all Cygnets in the Pond every year, recognizing their contribution in their Pools and Pond activities. 
  • These certificates and the certificates given by SWANS, would be evaluated to assess the Cygnets when they pass out of school, to join college and become SWANs.

Documents to be shared with School Authorities for introducing the concept and formation of SWANS PONDS

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 Mentor Swans Contact Number
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 Dupanshi Roopchandani