SWANS organizes many Events every year, targeted at different sections of society. These events primarily aim to give a platform to each section, for application of knowledge and skills, for the welfare of society and environment. The salient features of all events are:
    a) Entirely managed by Swans (Volunteers).
    b) Unique ways of Resource mobilization (NOT Money).
    c) Involve people, institutions, groups, organizations, NGOs in organizing the events, through sharing.
    d) Headed by junior inexperienced Swans (Volunteers), who acquire organizing skills in the process.
    e) Senior experienced Swans (Volunteers) teach Man-management skills to the juniors (heads of events).
    f) Platforms for youth building and sensitizing them towards their social responsibility.
 1PEHAL - 2016
Technical, business and performance based Competitions, with a Social Theme for College students and youth of all ages. The objective is to make the educated youth, think on lines of applying their existing knowledge and skills, for societal development and reducing inequality. The THEME for PEHAL-2016 is:
5 - 6 MARCH 2016
Talent Hunt for underprivileged children from slums, shelter homes, and orphanages, and disabled children. The objective is to act as a bridge to bring out the talents among such children, and get them mentorship under experts of such talents. The winners then get opportunities to hone their skills under Gurus at Art Academies in their neighborhood. They also get scholarships from philanthropic people to pay for their fees.
26 - 28
 3THE MUSEUM SCHOOL - ANNUAL FUNCTIONPrepare the students (from slums) of The Museum School on various art forms and present them as an Annual Function, in front of an august gathering. The objective is to give different performing art skills to such children, and give them the confidence to come on stage and perform fearlessly. September
 4 RUBAROOResidential camp for school children, bringing together children from privileged schools, and children from underprivileged communities, to live together under the same roof, and participate in various activities. The objective is to break social barriers between the children of economically opposite sections of society, and bring in the sense of equality among them. Also opens doors for RTE. November / December
 5 FOREST CAMPResidential camp for Swans (Volunteers), deep inside a forest sanctuary, includes trekking, living in the open, cooking with collected firewood, interacting with forest dwellers (villagers) and forest officials. The objective is to change the mindset of today's youth, from living in an artificial environment, to living with nature. This camp opens up their eyes, and redefines 'comfort' for them. Interaction with villagers and forest officials, exposes them to their life in the wild, and sensitizes them on their problems and issues. No fixed month. Depends upon weather.


  • A Talent Hunt for underprivileged children from slums, street and disability organizations, in Bhopal.
    EVENTS: 1) Dance (Classical, Western, Folk), 
                     2) Music (Vocal and Instrumental),
                     3) Mono Acting, 
                     4) Rangoli, 
                     5) Mehendi, 
                     6) Painting (T-shirt, Face, Mug), 
                     7) Clay modeling, 
                     8) Best out of Waste, 
                     9) Radio Jockey, 
                   10) Story Telling.
  • Date:   26 December 2014 - 28 December 2014
    Venue: TO BE DECIDED, Bhopal 
    Time:   10 am to 5 pm (all days)


PEHAL - 2014
  • Techno-Social Event for Youth based on the Theme: 'Using various forms of Pollution constructively, for development'
    EVENTS: 1) PEOPLE'S COURT (Debate)
                  2) TECHNICAL PAPER Presentation
                  3) BUSINESS PLAN Presentation
                  4) FOLK FUSION (Performing art)
    Date:   8th - 9th March 2014
    VenueRegional Science Centre, Bhopal (MP)

    R U B A R O O  -  2 0 1 3
    A 2-day Residential Camp for children (Age 12-15 years) to break social barriers, and create empathy. Children from privileged and underprivileged families live together to understand and appreciate each other's capabilities.
    To know more, read the CONCEPT NOTE.
    Date20th Dec (evening) - 22nd Dec (evening)
    VenueVasundhara Garden, Hoshangabad Road

                      PEHAL - 2013
      • A Techno-Social Event for Youth based on the Theme: 'Creating Rural Employment to Prevent Migration'.
                      2) TECHNICAL PAPER Presentation
                      3) BUSINESS PLAN Presentation
                      4) AD-MAD SHOW

      • HUM HONGE KAMYAB - 2013
      A Talent Hunt for children from underprivileged communities in Bhopal. 70 children of age 5-13 years participated through 8 NGOs and Social Groups. Disabled children also participated without any bias or privilege, with other underprivileged children.
      The children competed in Dance, Song and 'Other Art' categories, and won prizes. Gifts were given to all.
           Date of Event:   12 January 2013 - 14 January 2013
           Venue: MANAS Bhawan, Polytechnic Square, Bhopal 
              Time:   10 am to 5 pm (all days)

      • Compete for the benefit of Society. A Great Techno-Social event for all youth. 150 participants competed on the theme 'Waste can be used for Development', participated in the various competitions, and won prizes. 
               Date of Event:   3 March 2012 - 4 March 2012
                Venue: State Museum, Shamla Hills, Bhopal 

        • SWANS ANNUAL PICNIC 2012
        •     A fun day for all Swans and Cygnets filled with games, activities and of-course food.
                 Date:   22 January 2012
                  Venue: Shahpura Hillock 
          What Masti we had, right from an adventurous trek uphill, to finding a place among thorns and stones, and then some interesting games. But the best was Dumb Charads, where the girls came up with never heard movie names that they probably dreamt. And the boys had their own ways of explaining.

        •     A 2-day, 1-night camp on November 16 and 17, 2011 at village DAATKHO, 12 kms into Ratapani Sanctuary, Raisen District. What a memorable one with a 10km Tractor Trolley ride, and then a 2km walk in 7ft high grass, not knowing, what's beneath you feet. And then sleeping outside in the night, with roars, barks and howls around.

          • RUBAROO (REFLECTIONS) - 2011 - An Inter-School Social Event held in Bhopal on 16th and 17th April 2011. 40 children from 8 prominent schools and 40 children from slums, shelter homes and orphanages participated.
            Aim: Breaking social barriers among children of different economic classes.
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