PEHAL 2009

PEHAL-2009 (7th-8th March 2009)
In order to create awareness about the importance of social work and its respect through Social Credits among the Institutes and Corporate in Bhopal, SWANS organised a unique event titled PEHAL-2009 on 7th and 8th March 2009. Shri Subhash Vithaldas (Chairman CII, Madhya Pradesh) was the Chief Guest for the concluding function.
The event was organised in collaboration with Regional Science Centre, Bhopal, where teh 2 day events were hosted. PEHAL-2009 that had participation from 10 Colleges and 5 Corporate houses with over 150 participants was the first of its kind in many ways:
1) The first Inter-college event that was organised by students of various colleges, who irrespective of their institute affiliations, were all part of a single community (SWANS).
2) The first such event that was organised without any financial support or sponsorship from any quarters.
3) The first such event that had no participation fees and no cash awards.
4) The first such event where the industry and corporate world participated wholeheartedly offering internships to the students as awards for the competitions.
Every participant was asked to give their organisation choice (priority wise) for internship depending upon their streams for study and likings, before the competition.
The competitions held were as under:
I) EINSTEINS AT WORK - A live Working Model competition for illuminating rural households using Alternative sources of Energy, BUT NOT Using Batteries.
II) TECHNOVATION - A Paper Presentation competition on the topic - Creatng Near Perpetual motion using Alternative Sources of Energy.
III) NUKKAD NATAK - A competition on performing Street Plays based on the Theme : 'Social Contribution and its Recognition'.
IV) NAV PRACHAAR - A Competition on creating Advertisements (using any media) conveying the message : 'Recognising Social Contribution'.
The winners of the competitions and their awards were as follows:
I) EINSTEINS AT WORK : Winners - Kaustav Bhadury, Aaroh Kharaya, G Gautham Srinivas - [all BE (Energy) MANIT, Bhopal].
                                                           Awarded : Internship with LARSEN and TOUBRO LIMITED, Bhopal
                                               Runners Up - Harish kumar Darji - [BE (Energy) MANIT, Bhopal].
                                                           Awarded : Internship with AARTECH SOLONICS, Bhopal.
II) TECHNOVATION :         Winners - Pragya Shrivastava, Shubhi Shrivastava, Akansha Sharma - (all UIT, RGPV, Bhopal).
                                                           Awarded : Internship with VARDHMAN Group, Bhopal
                                               Runners Up - Roopak Phadnis, Neha Sharma, Ninad Gorey - (all UIT, RGPV, Bhopal).
                                                           Awarded : Internship with VARDHMAN Group, Bhopal.
II) NUKKAD NATAK:           Winners - Aradhna Sharma, Jyoti Soni (Both SSSIST, Sehore), Vandana Dwivedi (JNCT, Bhopal),
                                                                  Ranvir Pratap Singh, Roopesh Sharma (Both Rajiv Gandhi College, Bhopal).
                                                           Awarded : Internship with VARDHMAN Group, Bhopal
                                               Runners Up - Shubhangi Paliwal, Praharsh Bhandari, Shreshtha Dutta, Kopal Choubey- (all IEHE, Bhopal).
                                                           Awarded : Internship with MADHYA ADVERTISING, Bhopal.
IV) NAV PRACHAAR :         Winners - Manisha Garg (NLIU, Bhopal), Nimish Raja (NLIU, Bhopal), Gaurav Sodani (SSSIST, Sehore)
                                                          Awarded : Internship with MADHYA ADVERTISING, Bhopal, and VARDHMAN Group, Bhopal.
                                               Runners Up - Aradhna Sharma (SSSIST, Sehore), Jyoti Soni (SSSIST, Sehore), Paras Sahni (TCT, Bhopal)
                                                          Awarded : Internship with VARDHMAN Group, Bhopal.