About Us

Resilience is a nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness on issues related to trauma caused by factors including domestic violence, abuse, moral harassment, bullying and power harassment and disseminating information.

We hold lectures, training programs and workshops based on various themes including why domestic violence and abuse occur, the impact of violence, the road to healing and how to engage in positive communication.

Resilience was formed in 2003 and in November 2007, we became a specified nonprofit organization.

In English, Resilience means various forms of “strength” such as recuperative power, vitality and recovery. We named our organization Resilience because of the strength and resilience that people who have been through difficult life experiences show – the resilience to keep moving forward in painful situations or to escape these circumstances, to keep finding the energy to carry on, and being able to find hope and positivity in negative situations.

We have many women of diverse background at Resilience. Each of us is engaged in activities to find our better selves and build the strength for better lives.