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Welcome to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Volunteer and Intern Programs (V.I.P.) Portal!


A volunteer sitting at a table with fossils and performing fossil prep work

The Mission of the Volunteer & Intern Program

Working closely with the mission of the Museum, the NCMNS Volunteer & Intern Program is committed to helping to cultivate new professionals as well as utilize the talents of current professionals to help Museum staff increase public awareness of and interest in science.

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A small group of children sitting on the ground outdoors interested in program supplies in front of them

Equal Opportunity

The Museum offers equal consideration of an applicant’s interests in available volunteer and internship opportunities and does not discriminate on any basis including all federally protected classes, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. We are dedicated to providing accommodations to volunteers and visitors alike in order to ensure an accessible and inclusive environment for all.

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A lobby crowded with visitors and a half circle visitors information desk

The Volunteer & Intern Programs is a member of the Guest Services section of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

The Guest Services section functions as the bridge between the Museum and the public, serving a variety of audiences including our guests, volunteers, interns, external partners and fellow Museum staff members. We take great pride in being an accurate source of information about the Museum, its history, exhibits and programs to these audiences to enhance appreciation and understanding of science, natural history, conservation, and the environment.

We are proud to serve more than 1 million guests and thousands of volunteers annually across 4 locations. From our Museum’s humble beginnings in 1879, our growth and expansion have hinged on a single premise: to provide all those who visit us or work with us with the very best we – and the ecologically rich state of North Carolina – have to offer.