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Kindly note that we have framed certain Whatsapp group guidelines in order to ensure a healthy communication in between Whatsapp group members, which will avoid abrupt notifications. We request everyone to read the guidelines before being a part of Namaste Wanderer's Whatsapp community and and we emphasize to follow the etiquette accordingly.

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The group is for genuine people who require assistance in planning their weekend or long trips, vacation, expeditions, solo treks, camping, outings, offbeat tours and events hosted/planned as per individual contribution(TTMM basis). If you are looking out for hookups, parties, hangouts, portraying your self obsessiveness or marketing your organization then please avoid.

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The group is only for Wanderers and Travellers who love to travel different destinations, the people who love to contribute, to provide helping hand and spread their word of thought.

Purpose of Namaste Wanderer's Whatsapp group

  • To ask for advice for planning any tour, weekend, vacation, trek, adventure, journey, home stay, expedition or adventure.
  • To seek buddies to join you on your tour, vacation, trek, expedition, journey, exploration, adventure etc. Which you are hosting or planning on individual contribution basis(TTMM). there shouldn't be any personal benefits involved.
  • In case of emergency situations to seek out help/rescue or contact details and if you are offering the same.
  • For staying updated with Namaste Wanderer's events, products and offers.