Before Travel

  • Decide your Tour package:
    • If you just need to relax for a while and take a small break from your daily chores, you could opt for a cool destination located near your house. This will help you save your time and energy required for traveling long distances.
    • While preparing for a joy trip with family and friends, you can opt for a destination package, which promises variety of leisure and entertainment facilities.
    • When your travel involves long distance journey, it is advisable to plan two or three months in advance for easy ticketing and probably to avail discounted fare facilities, which are promoted time and again by the respective authorities.
  • Confirm the Schedule:
    • Ensure your journey tickets and hotel reservations well in advance.
    • In case of onward journey, do confirm all the connecting reservations.
    • This will ensure safe, carefree, enjoyable tour through out.
  • Collect your Tickets and Vouchers:
    • Remember to collect all your travel tickets and other receipts or vouchers with all the essential details well in advance.
    • All your Booking vouchers (Hotel Reservation Voucher, Travel Reservation Voucher, Vehicle Reservation Voucher) will be available for you to access and print online once you receive your login Username and Password.
    • In addition, speak to the hotel's information desk to confirm about the assured facilities, pick up arrangements and other services you have availed of before you begin your journey.
    • Insist on providing a vehicle identity number, incase you have opted for a pickup service from the hotel.
  • Copy of Travel tickets and booking receipts:
    • Keep a photocopy of all the tickets, receipts, vouchers, etc. along with you.
    • Also ensure that the originals and its photocopy are kept in separate baggage or along with your tour partner.
    • It is advisable to scan and mail the same on your personal email account to procure them at anyplace in case of emergencies.
    • You can also leave behind a copy of your tour schedule with your friends or relatives to reach you incase of emergency.

How to Book

  • To book your tour online, Select a Destination of your interest from the list specified in either of the service links; Tailor-made tours / Honeymoon located on our home page.
  • This is followed by a 2-step process, which involves selecting a location, followed by identifying the tour package with its relevant code.
  • Each of these links has its own format, which has to be filled by you in detail. Each of these formats differs based on the type of service you have opted.
  • On submitting the duly filled format, we will receive your enquiry instantly.
  • If you have opted for the customized tour we will prepare a plan based on your itinerary and mail it to you along with a budgetary estimate. This will give you a fair idea of your tour program as per your budget.
  • If you have opted for a Tailor-made or Honeymoon package, you will receive a ready-to go itinerary schedule from us along with the cost involved.
  • Based on this, we can have a direct discussion and finalise the deal.
  • On receipt of the agreed payment, all the bookings and reservations as agreed will be initiated and their respective confirmation receipts and vouchers will be made available online for your instant access.
  • You will receive your personal guest login ID and password from us through email.
  • Now you can easily login, view and print your confirmation receipts and vouchers instantly.
  • This enables us to provide assured, quick and precise services for a satisfied and happy customer.
  • For direct information on bookings, Whatsapp or call us on 7977935336 or 8976972127