Rules, Regulations and Etiquette

Before participation

  1. Do not burden yourself with a trek that is beyond your potential. Trek dynamics suit different people at different places
  2. Carry and Wear all the protective gear you need. Be prepared for the worst and do your best. It is better to prevent, than cure, at all times.
  3. Keep your backpack light as possible. Carry bare necessities, carefully look into the itinerary and accordingly backpack. Your backpack should not be a burden upon you
  4. Water is a critical aspect of survival. Carry sufficient water, nature resources can be utilized, but however it's better to carry at-least 2-3 litres of water depending on the nature of event.
  5. You must keep a note of following important telephone numbers and addresses : local forest ranger/office, police station, nearby hospital, note down timings of public transport available in that area. Download a offline Google map of that region.
  6. You must always have proper trekking having a good grip suitable for the terrain where the event is conducted. A extra pair of clothes, socks are advised. You can carry survival and First-Aid as per the difficulty and event requirement. A matchbox or lighter, thread, short sling, swiss knife, 2 carabiner, compass, energy drinks/bars, elastic rubber bands, needle, safety pins, carry bags, poncho are the basic survival requisites.
  7. Not all exercise program/trek/hiking events are suitable for everyone. You should consult your physician/ healthcare professional before participating in any event/tour. If you have an acute, chronic, or permanent medical disability in relation with heart, lung or in case you are pregnant, nursing or an elder you must choose wisely. Event participation is at your own risk
  8. It is most essential to be fit and fine before heading for an event. While planning your trip, it is preferable to have a medical fitness check up done. If suffering from any kind of allergy or ailment, do carry proper prescribed medicines to prevent serious health problem including heatstroke, sever headache, cough, dehydration and hypothermia. Participants suffering from chronic conditions like asthma, bronchitis, blood pressure, migraine, diabetes etc should seek their physicians advice before coming

Conduct on Trek

  1. Participants are requested to carry the waste back to the city/village and properly dispose non-biodegradable waste
  2. Do not disturb the flora and fauna. No plucking of Flowers, Haphazardly removing or cutting trees for wooden stick.
  3. Do not destroy/ write on archaeological or historical monuments.
  4. Alcohol consumption, Smoking cigarette/ beedi, chewing tobacco or any other alcoholic substance strictly not be permitted during the event. Anyone found in possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the event without any refund.
  5. The ‘Leader’s’ decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
  6. Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
  7. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any ‘deviation’ by the participant without the consent of the ‘Trek Leader’, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
  8. Taking photos or selfie near the edges are not allowed. Please make sure to keep your Trek Buddies informed if you need to move away from the group for any reason.

General awareness

  1. Respect our mother nature and locals while on trek, remember one thing they are not used to our urban customs and dressing. Follow discipline and etiquette
  2. Avoid Earphones or portable speakers while in midst of Nature
  3. Obey guidelines of your Trek lead. Never offend, disturb, argue have any mishap for whatsoever reason. Even don't ask him to take your photographs, or complaint him about the food quality or any other activity while on trek. You can ask him for his advice or suggest him/her but always remember his/her decision will be final and you must kindly follow it.
  4. In case of any accident, injury, sickness to someone in group cooperate with your trek lead.
  5. Consumption of liquor, tobacco products, cigarette etc. is strictly prohibited during any type of events and during the road/bus/train journeys
  6. Never or harm nature, birds and animals. Remember the nature is their home so be a guest and not an intruder.
  7. Event charges do not include any kind of insurance.
  8. You need to register with us before coming to the trek as we will be having your database in case of emergency.
  9. You are considered a part of the event since the start point and the place where you join rest of the group, the end point of the event is the departure point no matter when we reach.

Please Note

  1. All activities & programs carry an amount of risk of injury and you are aware that outdoor activities have an inherent risk of personal injury.
  2. In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death, Bike accident or any other casualty or loss or damage of valuables or luggage or any equipment; Namaste Wanderer's leaders, instructors, organizers, volunteers or any other person involved wholly or partially, either individually or jointly, shall not be responsible in any manner for the same and no claims (any kind) of the participants, parents, guardians, relatives or friends of participants will be entertained.
  3. ln emergency situation, your consent to any medical treatment recommended by a qualified medical practitioner (this could include inoculations, blood transfusions, surgery or the use of anesthetic).
  4. You need to register with us before coming to the trek as we will be having your database in case of emergency.
  5. Participant below 16 yrs of age will only be allowed for trek/activity with his/her parents/guardian.
  6. Photographs: Namaste Wanderer reserves the rights to publish the participants’ “Photographs or Group Photos” taken during the trek / Event without intimation or permission from the said Participant/s.
  7. Adventure activity is arranged considering normal weather. In case of occurrence of any natural calamities, if event is cancelled, in such circumstances NO REFUND will be provided.
  8. We reserve the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.
  9. Change of event is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
  10. In case of transferring a event to a friend, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements

Conduct while Camping

  1. Campers will be responsible for any damage done to campsite property. Remuneration for the same will be expected.
  2. For your own safety, once you exit the tent please dust your shoes before wearing them (insects like to get cozy in the warmth of our footwear)
  3. Please zip up the tent every time you enter or exit it. You do not want insects flying into your tent and creating a nuisance for you at night.
  4. Stay in the campus premises only. Do NOT go in the restricted areas.
  5. Do not litter the campsite. Please use the dustbins provided.
  6. Keep the campsite premises clean, neat and hygienic.
  7. Do not eat food or snacks inside the tent. Keep the tent clean.
  8. Weapons, sharp items or any inflammable items are restricted on the campsite.
  9. Please do not take any of the campsite belongings along with you.
  10. Take care of your valuables (phones, cameras, laptops etc). The campsite doesn’t take responsibility for loss of any items.
  11. No smoking or drinking inside the tent.
  12. Please take off your shoes before entering the tent at all times
  13. Strictly NO USE OF DRUGS in any kind or any form in the campsite premises. If caught, legal action will be taken against the campers.
  14. Please do not litter, we believe in the saying, “When you go to the mountain leave only your footprints and bring back only memories”