Hosted by Namaste Wanderer Team

We cater services in varied segments customizing according to the need of our clients

Our planning begins from understanding your needs, Designing a cost-effective and comfortable Itinerary, to arranging desired accommodations. It seems as if we virtually travel along with you throughout your tour to serve you better.

Being specialists in working out a perfect Itinerary, we extend our services in providing

  • Readymade / Tailor-made Package Tours designed by us, for Individuals, Honeymoon couples and group of people who share common interests.
  • Customized tours for families, friends and even for honeymoon couples traveling to multiple destinations (Onward journey) or to destinations of their choice with their own privileged Itinerary.
  • Hotel reservations, which suit your budgetary provision.
  • Arranging Pick up facilities. Arranging Private vehicles based on your needs and luxury.
  • Assistance in arranging Railway and Flight reservations.
  • Travel Consultation
  • Tour/event management by our experienced staff
  • Educational tour customization like Industrial tours, historical survey/study tours

To add more value to our services, we also guide you by providing all the possible information related to Shopping, Food specialties, etc. based on your destination.

All Adventure, Trekking and Expeditions are categorized into the following

Event Category

We have categorized our Treks based on the following factors.

  1. Difficulty/Grade level : Low, Easy, Moderate and Difficult
  2. Endurance : Low, Easy, Moderate and High
  3. Physical fitness : No worries, average, good, pro
  4. Average time required by a normal person to reach the summit/destination and back
  5. Grade level means the amount of technicalities involved in trek like navigating footholds, rock climbing, rappelling, stream crossing etc etc
  6. Camping and leisure tours fall under low grade and low endurance event category.

Novice/Easy Level Treks

  1. Treks which consist of low endurance along with ease of toughness/ technicalities
  2. Maximum of 2.5 hours of trek, no rock climbing required, easy footholds, low altitude, kid friendly
  3. No equipment required, no experience of any prior trek required

Can Do It/Medium Level Treks

  1. Treks are characterized by moderate level of endurance like hiking for say in between 2 to 8 hours, trails/treks have ascend and descends and one has to navigate footholds properly, little technical skills required like say like valley crossing, rock climbing(small patches) etc.
  2. Equipment required at circumstances which is available with the Trek-lead.
  3. Average to good level of fitness required.
  4. Experience of 02-07 treks will be helpful
  5. Examples : Kalsubai, Andharban, Harishchandragad

Challenging/Hard Level Treks

  1. Experience of 10+ moderate level treks required
  2. Equipment along stringent level of safety precautions is a must
  3. High endurance along with good climbing skills required.

All treks/expeditions are conducted by our experienced and professionally trained leaders. Our event leads are experts and are qualified from the most reputed mountaineering institutes in India like [HMI - Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering, NIM - Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, JIM - Jawhar Institute of Mountaineering and Water Sports, NIMAS - National Institute of Mountaineering and allied sports and ABVIMAS - Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and allied sports]. All equipped with the basic first aid techniques along with the search and rescue techniques.

Tour Cost

We believe in a transparent Business policy. You can always make this sure by simply verifying our proposal along with other necessary costs, which are normally neglected. This will always be helpful for you to decide upon your estimated expenditure during the tour.

Your tour cost depends on the following essential parameters :

  • Period of Tour : Whether the tour is scheduled during peak season or Off-season for the specific location.
  • Mode of Traveling : This involves the mode of traveling opted (By Air / By Railway / any Other) and also the grade or class in which you wish to travel.
  • Duration of Tour : This involves the number of days and / or nights for which you will enjoy your holidays.
  • Number of Individuals joining the Tour : The cost also depends on the number of persons traveling keeping in mind their age group (Adult, Child, Infant).
  • Type of Hotel accommodation : Whether you opt for a Budget / Deluxe / Premium type of accommodation.
  • Number and Type of Hotel Rooms essential :You have options of selecting the type of hotel rooms (Air-conditioned or A/C / Non-Air- conditioned or Non-A/C) after you decide upon the number of rooms you wish to reserve.
  • Any specific Hotel Packages opted : Selecting the type of Hotel plans / packages being promoted. It could either be
    • EP - European Plan which includes only accommodation
    • CP - Continental Plan which includes breakfast along with accommodation
    • MAP - Modified American Plan which includes breakfast, either lunch or dinner along with accommodation
    • AP - American Plan which includes breakfast, both lunch and dinner along with accommodation.
  • Pickup and Drop facility to and from the hotel : Availing this facility will incur additional cost.
  • Sight seeing using private vehicles / 2x2 buses : You can reserve a private vehicle or seating in a bus just for site seeing.
  • Local commutation using private vehicle : You can also reserve a private vehicle during your entire stay at the destination. This cost also depends on the facilities you opt for in the vehicle. (e.g.: A/C or Non-A/C)
  • Cost of Food incurred per day : This defines the cost you will have to incur each day on regular snacks and meals.
  • All types of governing taxes applicable : In any of the above- mentioned facilities, you will be liable to pay taxes and levies as applicable (e.g.: Luxury tax, Service tax, etc)
  • Miscellaneous expenses : This includes cost incurred for Laundry, entrance fees for viewing the site as applicable, Vehicle parking charges, camera accessories, etc.
  • Additional services : if any.

Registration for customized events

(Groups or Corporate)

  1. You can select the event from our list of events, and do the required customization and revert back to us through mail/message/whatsapp/telephonic call. Your final confirmation must be in written format addressed to Namaste Wanderer Team on
  2. Minimum batch size should be of 09 persons for 1 Day event and 06 persons for 2-4 Days event.
  3. For events with a batch size of more than 25 people, registration should be made at least 07 days in advance.
  4. Advance payment should be made 7 days prior from the date of event.
  5. Cost ranges from INR 250/- to INR 5000/- per person for events in Maharashtra (01-04 Days)
  6. Cost per person for an event is inversely proportional to the group size i.e cost decreases if the group size is more and vice versa.
  7. Cost per Customized events depends on Inclusions i.e Transport, Accommodation, Meal plans - AL/AP/BB/CP/EP/FA/FP/MAP , Guide expertise, porter if required, entry fees, monument charges, taxes, tolls, permissions and permits, logistics etc.
  8. Each participants must read all the safety measures, terms and conditions, rules and regulations before participating in any event, he/she should sign the self declaration form and submit to us before participation
  9. Refunds and cancellation are subjected to Namaste Wanderer's Cancellation and Refund policy
  10. Complete payment to be done minimum 03 days prior to the date of event.