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Namaste Wanderer is formed by a group of professional adventure enthusiasts. We @namastewanderer Team will take you into the journey into the offbeat destination that you’ve never seen or heard of. Exploring and discovering such virgin destinations in the Nature’s realms is our passion. Our vision is to be the pioneers of backpacking tourism in India.

Our soul purpose of Namaste Wanderer is to create and nurture entrepreneurships at the domestic village level along with promoting backpack travel and offbeat tourism. We aim to connect the weekends and vacations of a tech-savvy urban humans with nature acquaintance.

Our team customizes the best suitable offbeat/leisure destinations for you, with the comfort and cuisine you love. Our team ensures the best tailor made outing which rightly fits in the provided time-frame. We are equipped with the love and talent of experienced leaders along with the safety requisites which gonna make your journey safe and memorable.

However planning and organising an adventure event is not a child’s game, it requires efforts, a proper administration and logistics followed with trained and reliable manpower. Our team gives their best to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone is back home safely. Cheers to all our cooperative participants.

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Namaste Wanderer Team

Liberate your Soul and Wander free


To be a pioneer of backpacking tourism in India


To cater the best at the cheapest. Building a holistic network of home stays and locals which will let everyone get an authentic feel of destinations our traveler's visit. Embark upon experimental travel tours.


Cover all states in India, discover and map varied offbeat destinations. Implement entrepreneurship at grass root levels

Why Us...???

We at Namaste Wanderer are committed to serve excellence and have laid our own set of commandments. Each member adheres to commandments and they constantly motivated to excel. We....

  1. We Care
  2. We Love
  3. We Prevent
  4. We Protect
  5. We Preserve
  6. We Nurture
  7. We Excel

Our event organizers, tour operators and adventure leaders are all unique. We all belong to one team, and our team is like a family where each member plays a vital role, where everyone is responsible for his own success. We ensure the utmost safety, comfort and cheer to our participants. Satisfaction holds a key to our success.

What do we do....???

In order to meet varied needs of a wanderer we operate in two teams, one part of our team is involved in catering the pre-customized group tours and outings. These tours and event outings are dependant on the market trend. They run throughout the year and are categorized in filters which are divided in major and subcategories. Leisure, offbeat and adventure are the parent categories.

The other part of our team is involved in crafting tour and event outings as per requirements. Where the travel, stay and destination visit are tailored by considering all essential factors which accounts to suffice the purpose and provide a delightful experience. With a holistic approach the team prepares and present you the plan which will suit all your needs.

We take special care while planning our logistics along with the feedbacks of our fellow travellers. We take utmost care in delivering the following factors

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Food and Water hygiene
  3. Comfortable Travel and Transport facilities
  4. A backup plan
  5. Prepared for emergencies or itinerary changes arising out of circumstances

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