Namaste Wanderer Whatsapp Group Rules

Please do us a favour by obeying the list do's and dont's, if you are a part of our Whatsapp community

The rules and regulations framed are in order to ensure an effective and healthy communication/coordination between the group members and Namaste Wanderer Team. The main purpose of the groups is to help out the needy, to share what’s meaningful and to stay updated.

The group is not in relation to a single stakeholder or any personal benefits. It’s a community created in order to share information, interesting facts and figures in relation to planning your Tour logistics say travel, transport, accommodation and emergencies . (No forwarded or personal messages will be entertained)

All members are requested to carefully go through all the rules and regulations below and are requested to abide them.

  1. Avoid Sharing of any personal wishes or complements in personal or in general.(e.g daily wishes, individual/group milestones, festival wishes, funny GIFs, and irrelevant images,videos, GIF’s which are not asked or in relation with any purpose of the group etc)(Note : If you want wish/compliment someone/group on any particular occasion/milestone/achievement the message should be passed personally to the admin. The admin will decide and then wish/compliment him/her in the group on behalf of all members present + credits and reference in context will be given to the person who informed admin)
  2. Confirm the validity of the news you wish to share prior to circulating it in the group, even if it has been forwarded to you by any of you trusted individual or organization.
  3. Post only that information aligns with your interest or expertise or interests of members in the group.
  4. Before posting anything onto the group always keep this thing in mind that the group belongs to a set of individuals from different age, gender, class and religion etc. your message must should be holistic
  5. Never share anti-social elements, any religious or political matters.
  6. If you want to discuss something with an individual member, you can do it but only if it is necessary. Other members shouldn’t be irritated.
  7. Avoid conversations getting out of the track
  8. As most of us are a part of more than one group, it might happen that we share the same information/post repeatedly. NW Team requests you to avoid such messages
  9. Never support rumors.
  10. You are refrained to promote any advertisement, organization, social networks, anything that relates in your personal interests or in interests of any organization, group, community etc.
  11. When you forward any videos/pictures, always remember to indicate the context of the material, which makes the post more clear..
  12. Mutual respect is needed during discussions. Respects everybody's viewpoints even if not aligned with one's views.
  13. Actions on the offending incidents:
    1. 1st time offenders will be warned.
    2. Subsequent offenders will be removed and added back with a delay (on their request).
    3. Repeat offenders will be removed permanently.

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Thank You

Namaste Wanderer Team

Let your Soul Wander