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Metro Volleyball Officials Association

Debbie D.W. Smith


Debbie is the primary assignor for:

  • Parks & Rec

  • Apple Valley Mid-Winterfest Tournament

  • Rochester Events

  • Northern Lights Power League

  • AAU Super Regional

  • Star of the North

Robyn Courchane


Robyn takes care of the paperwork and payroll:

  • Website & Applications

  • Individual Schedule Links

  • W-9, Independent Contractor Agreements, & 1099-NEC tax forms

  • Compliance & Certification

  • Invoices & Payroll

Robyn is the primary assignor for:

  • North Country Region tournaments

Brad Aaberg


Brad is the primary assignor for:

  • MN Boys High School

  • Big City Luau

  • Crossfire

  • Northstar President's Day Challenge

  • Lakeville Juniors

  • Molten Series/Cup

  • Prep Dig

  • Shakopee Juniors

Debbie DW Smith is a founding partner of Metro, retired MSHSL official of over 30 years, MSHSL Clinician, active Parks & Rec Official, and proud volleyball mom to her Metro protégés, Robyn Courchane and Brad Aaberg.

Robyn is a 20+ year MSHSL volleyball official, MSHSL Clinician, Technical Director for Metro Board of Officials, National PAVO and USAV Certified Referee, NCAA D1 official, and the USA Volleyball National Indoor RISE Program Director.

Brad is an Executive Board Member for Metro Board of Officials (local PAVO board), National PAVO and USAV Certified Referee, NCAA D1 official, MSHSL official, and the AAU Officials Training & Certification Coordinator.