The content on this site aligns with the metaliteracy goals and learning objectives. Here you will find a series of tiered activities for learners within four core areas connected with metaliteracy: Producer & Collaborator, Master Evaluator, Digital Citizen and Empowered Learner. Each of the four areas is associated with a digital badge that may be earned and displayed on an e-portfolio or profile (Please note, however, that this site is currently serving as an open repository; badging functionality and interactivity are not enabled at this time).

What is Metaliteracy?

"Metaliteracy provides a model for thinking and knowing in a social media age that is fraught with misleading and downright false information from a wide range of questionable sources. Metaliterate learners are developed across many academic disciplines through teaching and learning situations that promote self-direction, collaboration, participation, and metacognitive thinking." (Jacobson & Mackey, Higher Ed Jobs, 2018)

Metaliteracy learning falls into four domains:

  • Behavioral: what students should be able to do upon successful completion of learning activities (skills, competencies)
  • Cognitive: what students should know upon successful completion of learning activities (comprehension, organization, application, evaluation)
  • Affective: changes in learners’ emotions or attitudes through engagement with learning activities, and
  • Metacognitive: what learners think about their own thinking—a reflective understanding of how and why they learn, what they do and do not know, their preconceptions, and how to continue to learn.

Reusing Content on this Site:

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