Ainslie Meares on Meditation. Published 2017.

Ainslie Meares on Meditation. The first Book published in 2017

At the simplest level the book contains:

  1. a biography of Ainslie Meares,
  2. Relief Without Drugs (distilled version) by Ainslie Meares,
  3. 30+ samples of Meares' poems plus more.

The author says “I read everything Ainslie Meares wrote from about 1949 forwards – if I missed anything it was pretty well hidden”...“in 2014, I started writing a bibliography and people told me I should write a book. I put into this book what a lot of people told me they wanted to read about the man and his method.”

The book includes:

  • Foreword by Pauline McKinnon (Psychotherapist, Past President of Australian Meditation Teachers Association and well known Author)
  • a biography of Ainlie Meares
  • Relief without Drugs by Ainslie Meares (with NEW 1 page summaries of the Relaxing Mental Exercise and Notes on Pain prepared by the Author)
  • 30 Sample Poems (to aid choice of which poetry books to get)
  • Ainslie Meares teaching protocol, meditation practice and other health practices.
  • The Refinements After Relief Without Drugs – Stillness Meditation: Learning Stillness, Experiencing stillness meditation outside the classroom and Living Calm – bring the calm into daily life using several practices Meares wrote about.
  • A list of Meares' books together with the Editor's recommendations as to which are best to get in 2017.
  • A summary of books by other authors about Meares' method.
  • Plus more

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