Welcome! This web site is about the method of Dr Ainslie Meares (1910-1986) MD, BAgrSci DPM, FRANZP. Meares was an eminent psychiatrist and medical hypnotist of international reputation who made major contributions to hypnosis. He was also a meditation master and healer– a doctor far ahead of his time. His work consists of 3 periods:

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Relief Without Drugs
  3. Stillness Meditation

You can read all about these periods in the first book. If you live near Ringwood, Melbourne classes are offered from time to time and there are other teachers in the Metro area. If you live a long way from Melbourne other teachers are listed here and also the first book will help you learn Meares' method. However, if you can't find a teacher or class nearby then ideas on what to do are outlined here.

People want to know if (or how) Stillness differs from mindfulness - see here.

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