Still Mind, Sound Body.

Dr Ainslie Meares' method plus evolutionary (paleo) health support.

Work is under way on a third book about Ainslie Meares' positive philosophy and his ideas on the evolution of the human mind: looking backwards at where we have come from and forwards to what we might become on the march to being fully human.

As always Stillness Meditation and letting the calm of it flow through daily life are key steps. But, Ainslie Meares also wrote about other topics eg freedom, easy self discipline, sensible use of intuition, experiential understanding, mundane & mystic experience, values, quality of life and more.

Ainslie Meares' method can, of course, be used by itself to great effect. However, Meares also wrote that a sound biological background was needed for the most effective management of stress. Since Meares' time an evolution based health movement has come into existence. It is also known as ancestral health, Darwinian medicine, "Paleo", Primal Blueprint and so on. The book integrates Meares' ideas with the best ideas of the evolutionary health movement.

Further information will be available in 2020.

Ainslie Meares on Meditation A Key To The Books Of Ainslie Meares Third Book