Ainslie Meares wrote 35 books including 12 poetry books. These days they are only available second hand. Some of them are becoming harder to get.

A first book , Ainslie Meares on Meditation, was written to provide readers access to:

- Meares' method of meditation and living calm- encourage people to read his poetry by providing 33 samples- tell the factual story of the Hypnosis, Relief Without Drugs and Stillness Meditation Periods - plus more

The second book, A Key To The Books Of Ainslie Meares, provides summaries of 33 of Meare's books to help decide which of them to get. A preview before you get one rather than looking at the contents after a second hand copy arrives in the mail. It also lists book titles by other authors of his method.

A Third Book, as yet untitled, is underway.

Ainslie Meares on Meditation A Key To The Books Of Ainslie Meares Third Book