Ainslie Meares on Meditation

The book, Ainslie Meares on Meditation, includes:

  • Relief without Drugs by Meares.
  • 33 poems in total - a couple from each of Meares' 11 poetry books. How the poetry fits in is explained.
  • A Biography of Ainslie Meares with extensive footnoted references.
  • Meares' teaching protocol, personal meditation practices and so on.
  • Stillness Meditation. The refined method after Relief Without Drugs:
- Learning Stillness. - Experiencing Stillness Meditation outside the classroom. - Living calm – bring calm into daily life .
  • Meare's reading recommendations to his patients.
(Hint: Relief Without Drugs and poetry books were on Meares' original list of recommendations).
  • The Editor's 2017 reading recommendations.
  • Foreword by Pauline McKinnon (Psychotherapist, Founding Patron & Past President of Meditation Australia & Well Known Author).

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